6 Things You May Not Know About Our Mobile Banking Services

Mobile banking has become a widespread service that many of today’s customers expect from their financial institutions. Research shows that 89 percent of consumers already use mobile banking apps at least occasionally. Among millennials, that number is 97 percent.

If you haven’t used mobile banking before, you may not be aware of the app-based tools and features that not only offer greater ease of use, but can also improve your money management skills. Here’s a look at six key features of the FSCB mobile banking app you might not be aware of.

1. You can cut down on visits to your local branch.

Mobile banking allows you to handle basic transactions and banking activities that previously required a visit to the bank—which can become a time-consuming and tedious process, especially for trips of minor importance.

One of the biggest benefits of mobile banking is the ability to deposit checks through your app. By endorsing the check and taking pictures of both sides, you can deposit a check to your accounts faster and cut out a trip to your local retail branch.

Other basic services, such as making transfers between accounts, checking account balances, and viewing account statements, can all be performed within the mobile banking app.

2. Text alerts can keep you in the know about upcoming transactions and balance notifications.

When you download our mobile banking app, you can sign up to receive text alerts that update you on important account activity. Balance notifications can be sent if your available balance dips below a certain amount.

You can even use our texting service to help track your progress toward important savings or other financial goals.

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3. Easy tagging tools help you categorize spending within the mobile app.

Money management tools play a significant role in improving your awareness of your own spending habits. They can also help you stick to a budget and build better money management skills over time.

Whereas some consumers are forced to use a third-party app that offers expense tracking and budgeting tools, the FSCB mobile app offers easy tagging for each transaction. This helps users quickly categorize and track their spending across all of their budget categories.

4. Mobile app chat offers a more flexible customer service option.

Contacting customer service can be a long, time-consuming process—especially when you have to wait on hold. For many of our customers, talking on the phone is more difficult to fit into a busy day than other lines of communication, such as online chat.

That’s why our mobile banking app offers a chat function that lets customers ask questions about their bank account, app features, banking services, or anything else they might want to discuss with a banking professional. Through chat-based customer service, you can get a quick response to your questions—or get referred to a banking professional who can offer more in-depth assistance.

5. Home loan applications can start in your mobile app.

The process of applying and qualifying for a mortgage just got easier. With the FSCB mobile app, you can start the home loan application process through your smartphone. Save yourself a trip to your local branch, and get on the fast track to finding your next home.

6. FSCB mobile banking is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Our mobile banking app is available on most smartphones and tablets, making it easy for our customers to download today and start taking advantage of the features offered through our mobile banking services.

Ready to take advantage of these benefits of mobile banking? Download our mobile app today. Or learn more about mobile banking by checking out our latest mobile banking infographic.

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