Accept Payments

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Merchant Services

Our Merchant Service tools are ideal for business customers needing to collect debit and credit payments in-store or online. We’ll do the legwork and make it easier for you to accept debit/credit card payments. Contact us today, and we’ll work to tailor a program for your payment processing needs. We offer:

  • Free pricing analysis to compare FSCB with your current merchant processor
  • Competitive rates on debit and credit transactions
  • Local, on-demand support – we’ll come to you
  • Variety of equipment options for those needing point-of-sale systems, card readers, and more

Remote Deposit

With Remote Deposit, you can deposit checks into your business account from anywhere. The service is great for businesses with limited staff or businesses with long distances to the bank. With Remote Deposit, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage who makes and sees deposits on a secure site
  • Increase cash flow and speed up check collection

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ACH Payment Collection

ACH Payments – or Automatic Clearing House - can save you time by automating customer payments. As an ACH originator, we provide you the ability to create credit and debit entries for ACH payment types, including collections from customers, tenants, members, donors, and more. Key benefits include:

  • More convenient and secure than accepting check payments
  • Predictable and steady cash flow with next-day access to funds

Make Payments

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ACH Credit Payments

As an ACH (Automated originator, your business can issue payment, including payroll processing, vendor payments, and tax payments. Making ACH payments provides many business benefits:

  • Reduces risks by eliminating paper checks
  • Provides an additional benefit to your employees with ease of payroll deposits
  • Make secure and expedited payments – no more waiting for the check to clear

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Wire Services

Ideal for businesses that need to send guaranteed funds with same-day processing. Wire customers can easily access and submit wire transfers through Business Online Banking. Benefits include:

  • Eliminates risks of writing and mailing checks
  • A secure method for sending funds
  • Guaranteed same-day fund transfers

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Commercial Credit Cards

A Commercial Credit Card provides a way to increase purchasing power while meeting a variety of daily business needs. Our cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. By using a business credit card, your business can:

  • Make Quick & Easy Purchases
  • Simplify Bookkeeping
  • Delegate & Control Employee Spending
  • Earn Competitive Rebates
  • Customize usage and spending limits for each authorized user

Online Bill Payment

Pay all invoices quickly and easily in one place. With our online bill payment system, available through FSCB Business Online Banking, you can:

  • Conveniently schedule one-time and recurring bill payments
  • Reduce time and costs writing and mailing paper checks

Manage Funds

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ACH/Wire Access

Make payroll and vendor payments easier and less time-consuming. Accept ACH payments from customers.

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Positive Pay

Secure your deposits and payments from check fraud by uploading check information through your online account.

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Bill Pay

Conveniently schedule one-time and recurring bill payments. Reduce the time spent paying your bills.

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View Your Statements

View & organize statements online in one convenient location as soon as they’re available. Receiving and storing your statements online helps to protect yourself against identity theft.

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Transfer Funds

Make real-time transfers between your First State Community Bank accounts.

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Secure Transactions

First State Community Bank has additional security features such as tokens and dual control authorization.

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User Management

Allow multiple users with varying levels of access and authorizations.

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Set up alerts to keep you informed about your balance, upcoming due dates, or even savings goals.

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Mobile Access

Manage your accounts from your mobile device using the FSCB Mobile Banking App.

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