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Say hello to seamless transactions, intuitive interfaces, and unparalleled convenience, for your personal or business use, all at your fingertips. Learn more below on how to get started.

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Visit the app store to download the updated version of the new digital banking application. 
To login on your desktop, sign in at WWW.FSCB.COM

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Existing User

Enter your current Login ID. Enter your temporary password, your last name, and the last 4-digits of your Social Security Number. You will receive a secure access code. You will then choose your new password. 


New User

Access the self-enrollment link on the mobile app or from our website. Follow the instructional prompts. You will then receive a secure access code. 



Existing User

Agree to terms and conditions, then register your trusted device. 

New User

Agree to terms and conditions, then register your trusted device. 

Exciting Enhancements Designed with You in Mind, and So Much More!

Your Favorite Features, Now Enhanced!

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Efficiently manage your money by linking external accounts (Domestic, U.S. banks only). Linking external accounts allows seamless fund transfers.

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Pocket Change

Automatically save money while you shop! You can round up the change on our debit card transactions and deposit the money into a checking or savings account through our Pocket Change program. Enrollment is quick and easy through your digital banking.

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Mobile Deposits
Conveniently deposit checks from anywhere using your smartphone, saving you time and a trip to the bank. It’s a secure and hassle-free way to access funds quickly. 


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Stay on top of your accounts and what’s important through our customized text or push notification alerts. Check out our alert options:

  • Account Alerts – keep track of when balances go above or below a specified amount.
  • Digital Activity Alerts – get notified when various transfers, payments, or debits are posted to your account.
  • History Alerts – Concerned about certain transactions posting to your account, like a specific check number or debits? You can customize your history alerts to stay on top of what is important to you.
  • Reminders – Just like marking a calendar, never miss a payment or birthday.

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Upgraded protection to keep your account information secured. You’ll now see:

  • Secure Access Codes to Verify your Identity (SACs, numbered codes that are sent to you by email, phone, or text)
  • Mobile Touch ID or Fingerprint Login
  • Face ID Login


All the Familiar Services for Your Business, Now Enhanced!

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Account Access for Your Team

Business Admin Users will have the capability to add additional users and assign specific permissions. Each user will have their own access for a smooth digital banking experience.

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Robust Reporting

Comprehensive insights, with real-time data and analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.


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With ACH origination you can send and receive money, which includes payroll, membership fees, and paying bills. Send domestic and international Wires easily and securely. 



Positive Pay

Protect your accounts and manage risk by validating your check and ACH information before clearing your accounts. Positive Pay actively monitors checks presented on your account, which can be activated through your digital banking platform.

Check out our handy guide for instructions on implementing our digital banking tools to help your business succeed!

View Guide Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the alerts that you have set up now will not transfer. You will need to set up your alerts again once you're in the new digital banking platform. 

Great news! The digital conversion doesn't affect your accounts that are currently enrolled in pocket change, so there is nothing to do there! Also, just to let you know if you ever need to enroll more accounts in pocket change, you will be able to do that in your digital banking!  


We're here to assist you every step of the way.  You can always come visit us during banking hours or you can also reach out to our customer care center by phone, where our dedicated team is available to assist you.  Additionally, if it's more convenient for you, you can use the secure messages feature within your digital banking platform to communicate with us directly. 

As an additional security measure, you must verify your identity when logging into your account for the first time from a new device with a 6-digit Secure Access Code (SAC). Using your information on file with us, you will choose to receive a text, email, or phone call to receive your 6-digit code. If your contact information is not up to date, then you will not be able to receive the SAC code to log in. 

Any transfer (one-time or recurring) that is scheduled to process after May 7 that was set up in your current environment, will process as intended. It is encouraged to review your transfers after May 7 to verify they converted as you intended.   

There will be a “no maintenance” to any digital banking accounts from May 1 - May 6. Account maintenance can include things like creating recurring transfers, changing your recurring transfers, renaming your accounts, and changing any contact information. Any maintenance performed to your digital banking accounts during this time will not convert to your digital banking environment. We highly recommend that “no maintenance” take place on your accounts in digital banking from May 1 - May 6. 

During this time period, your old online banking (the current one now) will still be active to complete transactional activities like making a transfer, checking balances, and mobile deposits.

Yes, after you first log in to your mobile phone, you will be allowed to set up your new Face ID and other biometric options.

As you make a payment through the Loan Payment option under the Transfers & Payments menu, you will have the option to make this a recurring payment. 

We are converting the past 18 months of electronic statements, and notices will be available immediately after conversion. Moving forward, customers will always have a maximum of 18 months of eStatements and notices that can be retrieved in digital banking.