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Cash flow. Equipment. Expansion. Whether you need a line of credit to manage cash flow or have decided to expand your business, First State Community Bank is here to help. 

Throughout the years, we have learned that a one-size-fits-all approach to lending rarely produces the best results. Every business has its own unique set of needs.

Our experienced local lenders are ready to help determine the customized financing solutions that best fit your needs and help you grow your business. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services with flexible options for every business. 

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Real Estate Purchases & Refinancing

If your business plan involves the expansion of a current facility or the purchase of a new one, we can help navigate you through the purchase process. We discuss loan structure and documentation, environmental concerns, appraisals, and other items specifically related to commercial real estate. Our lenders provide the hands-on service you need to succeed. We offer flexible options for almost any commercial real estate project, such as investment property and rentals, commercial plans, construction projects, owner-occupied properties, mix-use development, and retail property.

Commercial Lines of Credit

Flexible and convenient credit lines can assist with smoothing out the seasonal cash flow cycle of your business or provide a safety net for unexpected expenses that may arise from running a business.

Commercial Term Loans

Whether it’s time to upgrade your equipment, inject working capital, or consolidate business debt into one convenient payment, we can structure payment plans to fit your cash flow stream and best fit your financial needs. We can help you leverage your company’s success to support your growth and profitability goals.

Accounts Receivable Financing (Business Manager)

Are your accounts receivables outstanding for months or longer? Do you have a seasonal business? Do you have long-term projects that are not paid until completion? We can help you manage your cash flow during slow times or when you’re patiently waiting for payments to arrive. Rest easy. Make payroll. Keep growing. Keep going with FSCB Business Manager. You’ll even get a helpful dashboard, customized to your business, to monitor receivables and other key metrics.

USDA Loans

We work with the USDA to provide loan guarantees for projects that provide jobs and facilities improvements in rural areas. Our lenders are experienced in USDA lending and can help identify if your project can work within the various programs offered by the USDA.

SBA Loans

Your loan needs for real estate, business acquisition, or permanent working capital can easily be financed through SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 programs that offer longer terms and lower down payments. Our lenders will work with you to determine if your needs meet the terms of these programs.

Government Loans & Leasing

Municipalities may find assistance on small to mid-sized capital projects without the potential hassles of bond insurance. Our prepayment provisions are often better than municipal bonds, with lower fees and competitive rates.

Agricultural Lending

Many of the communities we serve were built on the backbone of agriculture. As a bank with deep roots in agricultural lending, we have an in-depth understanding of the economic cycles and unique demands that affect our agricultural communities.

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Please contact us today if you have any questions or need further information on how FSCB can help meet your business loan needs.

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