Rainy day fund? Vacation fund? Healthcare expenses? No matter what you’re saving for, we can help. All of our savings tools earn interest. Think of it as a reward for your great saving habits. Get started today.

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Simple Saver

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You simply set the amount you’d like to save and let the account do the work for you with automatic transfers from your FSCB Checking Account. And you can open with $0! Free withdrawal per monthly statement cycle. An automatic transfer is required, either from a checking account or through pocket change.


Savings Account

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A standard savings account. Perfect for your rainy day fund. $100 Daily Minimum Balance. Three free withdrawals per monthly statement cycle.


Health Savings

It’s great to always have some extra cash saved for medical expenses. This is perfect for those with a high deductible health plan. It’s also designed to provide a tax advantage.


Junior Savers

Our Junior Savers Account, available for those 0-17 years old, is a great way to jumpstart good savings habits.


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Money Market

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A Money Market account offers a great way to help you save, along with added flexibility and interest earnings. $12 Monthly Fee if Balance Falls Below $1,500. 6 free withdrawals per monthly statement cycle.


Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are a low-risk saving solution with variable terms options.

Save Your Pocket Change

Pocket Change is an easy way to save! Every time you make a purchase with your FSCB Debit MasterCard®, we’ll round up the transaction and deposit the pocket change into another FSCB deposit account. When it comes to helping you save, success starts here.

Get started today! It’s the perfect way to save for that family vacation this summer, home upgrades or that new toy you’ve been eyeing.

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Pocket Change Automatic Savings Program