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MasterCard Commercial Credit Card

First State Community Bank’s MasterCard Commercial Credit Card provides a way to increase purchasing power while meeting a variety of daily business needs. Cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. By using a business credit card, your business can:

  • Make Quick & Easy Purchases
  • Simplify Bookkeeping
  • Delegate & Control Employee Spending
Customer uses credit card to purchase products.


You may earn Cash Rebates up to 1.00% of new purchase transactions (qualifying purchases only, fewer credits, returns, and adjustments) charged to your card annually. FSCB Cash Rebates will be distributed to enrolled companies by paper check at year-end.

Annual Spend

Cash Back

$0 - $99,999 0.25%
$100,000 - $249,999 0.50%
$250,000+ 1.00%
Large Ticket Items
(purchases of $10,000 or more)

The rebate tiers and percentages are set by FSCB. You will be notified of any changes to the Rebate tiers and percentages and the effective date of the changes. We reserve the right to notify you by mail separately from your statement. The tiers and percentages to the right are for qualified purchases based on total company annual spend.

Customers purchase goods online using their credit card and phone.

Business Credit Card

The needs of your business are always changing. As your business grows and your purchasing needs increase, you need a card that can give you buying power and worldwide acceptance. Our Business Card can help you expand your business, protect your cash position, or provide a payment method for monthly expenses.

Entrepreneur makes purchase using business credit card over the phone.

Corporate Credit Card

Our Corporate Card is ideal for a business with multiple card users. The needs of a frequent business traveler are always evolving. Still, one thing stays the same; you need a card that can keep up with you – a card that delivers flexibility, more purchasing power, and the ability to take care of business anywhere in the world.

Business man receives credit card from concierge.

Purchasing Credit Card

A specialized card ideal for mid to large corporations looking to reduce the costs associated with authorizing, tracking, purchasing, and reconciling business purchases. Not only can this card help you to streamline processes, but it also gives you a new level of control that can truly help your bottom line.

Businessman types on calculator.

Fleet Credit Cards

The FSCB Fleet Card helps control spending at the drivers’ level by letting you set spending limits and track spending patterns such as the grade of fuel, fueling frequency, time of fueling, or fuel location.

Semi trucks driving on the highway under a beautiful sunset.

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