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Protecting your privacy is important to us, and at First State Community Bank, we take measures to ensure your information is secure. We are dedicated to preventing unauthorized access to customer information and are committed to taking appropriate action to protect against fraud.

Key Security Tips

Protect yourself and your financial information from fraudsters and cybercriminals by following these safe banking tips.

Set Up Account Security Alerts

Enroll in our digital banking platform to stay informed by setting up alerts and easily monitor your accounts via email, phone, or text messages.

Step One:

Under the menu tab, click settings.

STep 1 of Alerts-1

Step Two:

In Settings under Manage Alerts, click Alert Settings.

Step 2 of alerts

Step Three:

Click the toggle next to the alerts you want to turn on or off OR set up a New Alert by clicking the top button.

Step 3 alerts

Have you heard of our Mastercard ID Theft Protection product?

ID Theft Protect

FSCB has partnered with Mastercard® to provide ID Theft Protection on qualifying accounts as an added layer of security. To learn more about Mastercard ID Theft Protection and to enroll click here.

Learn What to Look For

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email scams


How to Report Fraud

Notice unusual activity on your account?

report fraud

report fraud 2-1


View Our Privacy Policies

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At First State Community Bank, we take the security of your account very seriously.

Protecting your privacy is important to us, and First State Community Bank takes measures to help ensure that your information is secure. We guard against unauthorized access to customer information, and we are committed to taking the appropriate action to protect against fraud.

As a general business practice, we would not ask for sensitive personal information by unsolicited email, unsolicited phone calls or text messages. If you have any questions or concerns please call 877-955-3722.

If you receive an email, phone call or text message requesting verification of your Social Security number, account number, password or PIN,


the information. Instead, please contact First State Community Bank at 877-955-3722 for verification before responding to any such request.

Ways to identify phishing and spoofing emails include:

Are the URLs Legitimate? The easiest way to identify if an email is legitimate or not, is to simply hover over any URLs the email is trying to get you to visit. You will always want to make sure the link is legitimate and uses encryption (https://).

Requests for personal information. First State Community Bank will never ask you to reply in an email with any personal information such as your Social Security number, Debit Card number or PIN.

Urgent appeals. We will never claim your account may be closed if you fail to confirm, verify or authenticate your personal information via email, phone call or text message.

Offers that sound too good to be true. We will never ask you to fill out a customer service survey in exchange for money, and then ask you to provide your account number so you can receive the money.

Obvious typos and other errors. These are often the mark of fraudulent emails and websites. Be on the lookout for typos or grammatical errors, awkward writing and poor visual design.

If you receive a suspicious email that uses First State Community Bank’ name, please contact us at 877-955-3722.