Invest in a savings option that makes cents!

Pocket Change is an easy way to save! Every time you make a purchase with your FSCB Debit MasterCard®, we’ll round up the transaction and deposit the pocket change into another FSCB deposit account. If your little one has a Junior Savers account, you can put your pocket change directly into their account! Help give yourself, or your child, a headstart on heading towards a healthy financial future. 

Get started today! It’s the perfect way to save for that family vacation this summer, home upgrades or that new toy you’ve been eyeing.

When it comes to helping you save, success starts here.

How does it work?

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Purchase Weekly Expenses Pocket Change Collected
Gas $33.22 $.78
Groceries $146.75 $.25
Fountain Soda $1.50 $.50
Coffee $4.10 $.90
Online Purchases $63.95 $.05
Weekly Savings   $2.48


How do I enroll?

Mobile Banking users can use their smartphone to sign-up for Pocket Change! Download the FSCB Mobile App now!

Download on Google Play.

Download on Google Play.

Once you have the app downloaded, open it up and you will be guided to the login screen. After you are logged in, you will go to the menu dropdown list, and under banking features you will need to click on "Save Your Pocket Change." From there you will be able to enroll yourself in our pocket change program. 

If the mobile app is not accessible to you, you may enroll via telephone! Please call us at 877-955-3722, 7 Days Per Week, 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM. 

If you don't have a second FSCB deposit account, you'll need to enroll in one prior to signing up for Pocket Change. Click the link below to apply:

Open An Account