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Horizons Club Checking

The Horizons Club Checking account goes beyond banking. Members enjoy exclusive benefits including travel, social gatherings, seminars, identity theft protection and more. 

Horizons Club Checking Account

Account features:

The Horizons Club Checking Account includes a monthly membership fee of $8.00.

This fee can be waived by:

  1. Maintaining a direct deposit & 2 qualifying products
  2. OR
  3. Maintaining a combined daily average ledger balance of $10,000 including all CDs, IRAs, Money Market, Savings and Checking Account balances.
Membership Requirements
  • Must be at least 50 years of age. If the owner has a joint account, only one account owner must meet the age requirement.
  • Must maintain a Horizons Club Checking Account.

Enhanced Member Benefits

Membership Levels
FSCB Qualifying Products 3* 5* N/A
Total in all deposit accounts including CDs $10,000 $25,000 $100,000
Extended travel trip discounts $25 $50 $100
Day trip discounts $5 $10 $25
Annual Diamond Event N/A N/A

Qualifying Products

Direct Deposit*
5 Debit Card Transactions**
Home Equity Line of Credit
Personal Loan
Mortgage Loan
First State Financial Management Investments***

The membership level will be determined based on the number of qualifying products or the combined total balance of the deposit accounts.

*One of the qualifying products must be a direct deposit.

**5 settled debit card point-of-sale purchases or recurring debit card transactions; e.g. an automatic debit for a utility bill, per calendar month. Please note: Merchants could settle debit card transactions after the date the transactions occur. In order for the debit card purchase/recurring transactions to apply, there must be 5 settled transactions within the calendar month. FDIC Insured

*** FSFM is an affiliate of First State Community Bank due to common ownership. Member: FINRA & SIPC. No bank guarantee ▪ Not FDIC insured ▪ May lose value

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