New York City
Monthly Giveaway: New York Broadway Trip

The Big Apple!

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Learn more about the New York Broadway trip below: 


Estimated Trip Value

up to $10,000

Trip Details

Trip Details


  • Two Broadway show tickets
  • 5-night hotel stay
  • Airfare
  • Spending money

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The city that never sleeps. 

The Big Apple! The city that never sleeps. Everywhere you look there’s hustle and bustle. Yellow cabs. Central park. Time’s Square. Broadway. You’ve got the playbill and free tickets for the show for 2.

This trip includes:

  • 2 Broadway Show Tickets
  • 5-night hotel stay
  • Airfare
  • $5,500 spending money

*Elite Travel, Cape Girardeau will facilitate experiences after prize acceptance.
*Pricing and value are subject to change based on availability.

New York City