Monthly Giveaway: NASCAR Race Experience

Engines roar. 

In partnership with MasterCard® and Elite Travel, FSCB is hosting Grand Giveaways every month from November 2022 to April 2023. Each month, two winners can pick one of ten possible prizes.

Learn more about the NASCAR race experience below: 


Estimated Trip Value

up to $23,319

Trip Details

Trip Details


  • Richard Petty Driving Experience gift certificate for one
  • Daytona 500 race tickets
  • 5-night hotel stay
  • HNOH Fanzone access
  • Spending money 

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Feel your seat shake. 

Engines roar. You can feel your seat shake. Your heart is pumping. You get to watch the professionals at the speedway. You’re even ready to experience the thrill. To speed down the raceway, shifting gears and pushing the RPMs. You’re wondering how you got so lucky. Enjoy a NASCAR Race Experience for 2.

This trip includes:

  • Richard Petty Driving Experience Gift Certificate for 1
  • Airfare
  • 5-night hotel stay
  • Daytona 500 Race Tickets
  • HNOH Fanzone Access
  • Champions Luncheon
  • Official Program
  • Scanner Rental
  • On-Site Concierge
  • $2,000 spending money

*Elite Travel, Cape Girardeau will facilitate experiences after prize acceptance.
*Pricing and value are subject to change based on availability.