Better finances. Better grades.
Better future.

If you’re feeling anxious about how to save money in college, you’re not alone. In fact, 73 percent of undergraduate students reported experiencing financial difficulty while enrolled.

Luckily, proper financial education can help prevent unnecessary stress surrounding your finances. With access to the right resources, financially literate students are more likely to:

  • Perform well academically.
  • Earn more later in life.
  • Get a job in their field.

And it makes sense—when we don’t have to think about money, we can spend our time more productively. How can you properly manage and monitor your finances in college without the accompanying anxiety?

Our How to Save Money in College Handbook offers professional insights and creative tips on establishing a foundation for financial success while in school. This detailed guide includes creative tips for spending and saving smarter, plus additional advice on budget building, student loan debt, and more.

Going to college is a huge step toward a fulfilling future. Don’t spend time worrying about how you’re going to fund it.


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