Proactive Protection

In order to better protect our customers from fraudulent transactions, we’ve implemented a new fraud detection system. If we notice any suspicious activity on your FSCB Debit MasterCard®, we’ll text you first to verify that you made the purchase in question. And if you happen to miss the text, we’ll give you a call. This won’t happen for every transaction, just in the event of potential debit card fraud. When it comes to proactive protection, success starts here.

How it Works

  • Our system notices a potential fraudulent debit card purchase.
  • We’ll send you a text from the number 96923.
  • If you miss the text, can’t reply, or don’t typically receive text messages, we’ll call you from 855-293-2456.
  • We’ll ask you to verify transactions on your account. Keep in mind that we will never ask for an account number, Social Security Number, or PIN.
  • If fraud has occurred, we’ll disable your debit card and will send you a new one as soon as possible.

If you have questions about our new process, please call 1-877-955-3722.