Key Dates

May 13

Letters from FSCB providing your new account information begin to arrive. You may receive multiple letters if you have more than one account that will transition to FSCB

May 20

Information regarding FSCB  overdraft program arrives. PLEASE NOTE:  Response may be required to avoid any disruption in service.

June 3

FSCB debit cards begin to arrive. PLEASE NOTE: Cards may not be used prior to June 21, 2013.

June 17

FSCB online banking login information begins to arrive.  Online banking users will receive a letter containing a username and PIN for FSCB online  banking.

June 21

Customers may activate and begin to use FSCB debit cards and checks.* Customers will receive information about the exact time debit cards will be available for use.

June 24

Branches open as FSCB locations and the transition is complete. Customers can begin to access online banking and bill pay on or after this date.


*All automatic debits or payments from, as well as direct deposits to your account, should be updated with FSCB routing and account numbers effective June 24.