Debit Cards

If you currently have a Bank of America debit card, you will receive a new FSCB debit card in the mail prior to the conversion. You will also receive a new PIN in a separate mailing. The contents of the card mailing will include the time customers can begin activating their cards.

Debit Card Activation

You may activate your new card at any FSCB ATM by using the provided PIN or by using the PIN to make a purchase at any merchant. PIN changes can be made at any FSCB ATM. Each cardholder will have a unique card number and a unique PIN, so each card will need to be activated separately.

MoneyPass® ATM Network

FSCB is a member of MoneyPass®, an ATM network of over 23,000 free ATMs nationwide. For more information regarding the network, customers can visit or download the MoneyPass® smart phone app, allowing you to quickly find ATM locations near you.