Bank Star Conversion FAQ


In January you will receive a final Bank Star of the LeadBelt statement on your current account. (It may be an abbreviated statement, so don’t be alarmed if your statement only reflects a few days of transactions since your previous Bank Star of the LeadBelt statement.) You will then begin receiving FSCB statements according to our current statement cycles. Note: Your new cycle date may not match your current cycle date. Business accounts will be cycled at month end.

Electronic statements, sent to customers via e-mail, will also be available for your First State Community Bank accounts. To enroll in e-statements simply click “accept” when you are prompted to enroll during your first login to FirstNet Internet Banking. E-statements will not automatically convert. If you currently receive your statements electronically you will need to enroll in order to receive FSCB e-statements.


Your account number(s) will remain the same unless you receive a separate notification (by phone or e-mail).


Normally, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures your deposit accounts at each FDIC-insured financial institution for up to $250,000 (combined). Because Bank Star of the LeadBelt and FSCBFSCB are each insured by the FDIC the conversion may affect your FDIC deposits. The FDIC has a rule that whenever two or more FDIC-insured institutions consolidate or merge, their deposits continue to be separately insured for six months after the effective date of the transaction, which is projected to be January 11, 2013. This means that after the six-month period (which ends approximately July  11, 2013), any combined deposit amounts you have in excess of $250,000 in your accounts at the combined bank, (Bank Star and FSCB accounts combined), will no longer be insured. EXAMPLE: If you had $200,000 in Bank Star of the LeadBelt, and $75,000 in FSCB on the date the banks combined, then the $275,000 held in the combined bank will be insured in its entirety only until approximately July  11, 2013. Thereafter, up to $250,000 in your account will be insured by the FDIC.

If you have a certificate of deposit (CD) issued by Bank Star of the LeadBelt, the CD will continue to be separately insured until the earliest maturity date after the end of the six-month period mentioned above. CDs that mature during the six-month period and are renewed for the same term and in the same dollar amount (with or without accrued interest) will continue to be separately insured until the first maturity date after the six-month period above. CDs that mature during the six-month period and are renewed on any other basis, or are not renewed and therefore become demand deposits, will be separately insured only until the end of the six-month period set out above.

NOTE: The $250,000 FDIC limit applies to accounts held in the same category of ownership. If you have questions about the ownership categories or would like to know more about how you can obtain separate insurance coverage in different ownership categories, please speak with your local FSCB team. You may also review the FDIC’s Guide to Deposit Insurance Coverage at



Many of the Bank Star of the LeadBelt accounts are similar to FSCB accounts, so you may only see a few minor changes. In most instances, the names of the accounts will change. Please refer to the following table to see what your current account will be called after the conversion. For your benefit, a more detailed description of your new account is enclosed.

Your Current Bank Star of the LeadBelt Account FSCB Account as of 1/11/13
All-Star Checking Free Checking
Bonus Banking FSCB Bonus Banking
Bonus Banking Plus FSCB Bonus Banking Plus
Galaxy Club FSCB Galaxy Club
Galaxy Club Plus FSCB Galaxy Club Plus
NOW Account SuperNOW Account
Money Market FSCB Money Market
Personal Basic Checking FSCB Regular Checking
Regular Checking FSCB Regular Checking
Golden Passbook Savings FSCB Golden Passbook Savings
Platinum Savings FSCB Platinum Savings
Goal Savings FSCB Savings Account
Basic Savings Account FSCB Savings Account
Minor Savings FSCB Minor Savings
Personal Savings FSCB Savings Account
All-Star Business Checking Express Business Checking
Business Checking Express Business Checking


Personal Account Holders will receive 200 checks for each account at no charge. The checks should arrive the week of January 7, but should not be used until the conversion is final on January 11, 2013. Likewise, all business customers will be receiving a letter with instructions on how to order new checks and deposit tickets. The letter will include a coupon to use when reordering items that reflect new First State Community Bank account information.  Note: if you need to reorder checks before the conversion date, please keep your order to a minimum. Once you receive your FSCB checks, you can bring your Bank Star of the LeadBelt checks to any FSCB location for safe disposal. 


If you currently have automatic payments being made from your account(s) (such as insurance payments, mortgage payments, utility payments, etc.) and/or if you have deposits automatically being credited to your account (such as Social Security checks, payroll checks, etc.), please notify the companies responsible for originating these payments with any new account information. To avoid any disruption in these services, please schedule any automatic payment changes to take effect January 11, 2013. Please inform any companies receiving automatic payments from or making deposits into your account that your new FSCB routing number will be 081918425, Your account number(s) will remain the same unless you receive a separate notification (by phone or e-mail).


If you have a Cash Reserve tied to any Bank Star deposit account you will now receive a separate statement from FSCB detailing any Cash Reserve activity.


If you are currently enrolled in Internet Banking and Online Bill Pay service, you will receive a separate mailing with specific login and password instructions a few days before the conversion. It’s a great way to have access to your accounts 24 hours a day. You will be able to balance your account, confirm cleared checks, monitor your electronic transactions (e.g.  debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, automatic payments, etc.), make loan payments to FSCB loans, transfer money between FSCB deposit accounts, access MoneyTrack Online Financial Management and more.

If you are not currently enrolled in online banking and bill pay, but you would like to use this service,
please contact a Customer Service Representative for more information. We would be happy to enroll you after January 11. To enroll, simply visit and click the “enroll” link on the homepage.  If you prefer to enroll in person, please visit FSCB for more details. For your benefit, a Online Bill Pay worksheet is attached.

Please note: Current Bank Star online bill pay information will not be transferred to the FSCB system. Please be sure to record your bill pay information including: payee name, account number, contact information, etc.


FSCB Mobile Banking allows customers to view account information, make transfers, pay bills to existing payees and more. FSCB Mobile Banking works with any mobile device that allows SSL traffic. To get started, login to FirstNet Internet Banking, click the PIN & User Options Tab and select Mobile Banking. iPhone® users can also download the free FSCB Mobile Application.  Please contact your mobile service provider to determine if your device allows SSL traffic.


FSCB’s First Access Telephone Banking is available 24 hours a day, and it’s a toll-free telephone number. Please note the number: (888) 443-FSCB (3722). You can call from anywhere in the United States to check your account balances, confirm that a check has cleared, transfer funds between FSCB accounts, and much more. All accounts will be automatically enrolled in telephone banking. The first time you use First Access, you will use your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. For added safety, we suggest changing your First Access Telephone Banking password when using the system for the first time. First Access Telephone Banking will be available on January 15, 2013.


If you currently have a Bank Star of the LeadBelt debit card, you will receive a new card in the mail prior to the conversion. You will also receive a new PIN number in a separate mailing. You may activate your new card at any FSCB ATM by using the provided PIN number or by using the PIN to make a purchase at any merchant. PIN changes can be made at any FSCB ATM. Each cardholder will have a unique card number and a unique PIN, so each card will need to be activated separately.


If you currently rent a safe deposit box at any of the Bank Star of the LeadBelt locations, please note that the billing cycle for your annual rent will change to February 1 of each year. You will receive a notice in the near future for a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the year (through January 31, 2014). After that, the annual safe deposit box rent is due February 1 of each year. If you do not already have your rent set up as an automatic payment (automatically transferred from another FSCB account), then you may want to do that at this time. (Your annual rental fee is less when you pay automatically!) Simply visit your new FSCB location for more information.


FSCB’s Website is We encourage you to visit and see what FSCB is all about. From the information on the site, you will note that we are truly a community bank, where local management and decision-making are important. FSCB is a full-service financial institution, with a variety of loan and deposit products and services. The bank also owns First State Insurance Agency (FSIA), a full-service independent insurance agency. Investment and brokerage services are available through First State Financial Management, Inc. (FSFM), a wholly owned subsidiary of First State Bancshares, Inc.


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